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    Fear Trumps Ambition

    Saying no is hard to do, especially when it comes to our kids. And when our kids are offered opportunities to play on multiple sports teams – whether it’s summer travel teams, club sports, or school sports, it’s a challenge to find a good balance between athletic development and,...
  • The “24 Hour Rule” is Hard To Do

    The “24 Hour Rule” is Hard To Do

    Often when I speak to parents about giving feedback to their child-athletes, I recommend that they wait 24 hours before saying anything about the game.  The truth is that I am rarely able to do this. I don’t know what it is, but I feel compelled to give feedback...
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    You Can’t Hit if You Don’t Swing

    I don’t normally attend my son’s baseball games. There’s a reason why. But this year my husband’s coaching my daughter’s softball team, so I’m on baseball duty. My son is 9, and until recently Jack hasn’t been interested in sports, to my immense relief. Because unless the Yankees are...
  • Locker Room Antics

    Locker Room Antics

    Boys’ locker rooms can be wonderful places. Many kids find a highlight of their hockey team experience is the bonding that goes in the locker room before and after the actual game.  Music blaring, arguing about what team is the best in the league, declaring who has the sickest...
  • The Importance of Positive Feedback

    The Importance of Positive Feedback

    How often do our kids actually ask us for feedback about their performance? Perhaps more to the point, how often do we offer our feedback when our kids don’t ask for it? The car ride home after the game or practice is notorious for us as parents to provide...
  • Why Sportsmanship Matters

    Why Sportsmanship Does Matter

    One of my favorite things about watching professional playoff hockey, outside of the amazing athleticism and intensity, is the handshake at the end of a series. For the most part, huge men ferociously battle against each for days on end, but when the series ends, they line up and...
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    On Holiday Weekend Sports and Family Life

    It’s a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend, and sadly, we are breaking tradition this year. This weekend would have been the 14th consecutive year of our annual family gathering — a three-day event that brings our whole family together.  But not this year.  This holiday weekend, we are going to...
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