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    Staying Hydrated: The Scary Truth About Sports Drinks

    During any given “lazy” summer day, my daughter is constantly running from one commitment to the next, never wavering in her enthusiasm or energy.  As a nutritionist, a question I’m frequently asked by athletes and other moms is, how can we hydrate our bodies or our children’s bodies to...
  • The Right Equipment: How to Help Your Child Stay Safe

    The Right Equipment: How to Help Your Child Stay Safe

    The days of hand-me-downs are over. The risk of wearing a helmet, gloves, shoulder pads (etc) that do not fit well is too great to warrant the potential savings. As more people are increasing their knowledge and awareness about concussions, we have come to recognize that a poor fitting...
  • Cardiac Risks on the Field

    Cardiac Risks on the Field

    Each year over 1,000 young athletes die unnecessarily from sudden cardiac death on the athletic field. Sudden cardiac death affects over 300,000 people per year in the US, 100,000 of these during physical activity. While most cardiac events occur in adults, sudden cardiac arrest can occur in children as...
  • Athletes and the Arts: Help Your Musician or Dancer

    Athletes and the Arts: Help Your Musician or Dancer

    Performing artists are athletes. Just like “sport” athletes they:   Practice or perform almost every day   Play through pain   Compete in challenging environments   Experience little “off season”   Face extreme competition   Face real risk of career-threatening injury Yet, performing artists rarely have access to the...
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    How to Help Your Kids Prevent Injury

    As a parent, I found the recent article in Sports Illustrated unsettling.  Some sixteen-year-old pitchers are throwing close to 100 mph in their quest for college scholarships and the dreams of professional play.  And they feel compelled to pitch in every big showcase event. In fact, they are pressured...
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