Griffin Tewksbury

Griffin Tewksbury is a former Bates College baseball player and 2014 team captain. He now lives in Boston, Massachusetts, works as a project manager and rarely thinks about his glory days.

Articles Written By Griffin Tewksbury
  • What I Remember - Sports memory

    What I Remember

    This isn’t your normal sports memory. It’s not a walk-off home run or buzzer beater for the win. It’s quite the opposite. The sun was bearing down on the Amherst College scoreboard. Game two of a double header was wrapping up after eight hours of NESCAC baseball. Amherst: 20,...
  • How One Coach Reversed a Losing Streak

    How One Coach Reversed a Losing Streak

    I felt like a kid. In hindsight, I guess I was. But as a 17 year old senior in high school accepted into college, what growing up is there left to do? The walk that day to the rink was like any other. The February wind was sharp and...
  • Why I Decided Against Specialization

    Why I Decided Against Specialization

    Editor’s Note: Day after day, we hear questions from parents who are worried about helping their children choose the best path. They’re deciding between focusing on one sport–specialization– or continuing to play multiple sports. They want their kids to be successful and happy, but the path to healthy success...