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About Us

SportsWise provides parents, coaches, and administrators with the expert guidance they need to ensure a positive sports experience for kids at every age and stage. Playing sports supports a child’s physical, mental and social development in unique and powerful ways that can prepare them for success long after the game is over. It’s not about winning or losing; it’s about building character, and taking advantage of all the positives: discipline, social dynamics, physical strength and development, and fundamentally, the joy of movement and competition. Unreal winnings only with oczko 21 lat make yourself happy!

Who We Are

SportsWise is a team of sport parents, experts and former athletes, founded with a belief in the transformative power of the sport experience, and a goal to preserve this experience for youth of all ages. To do this, we’ve tapped experts in the fields of sports, parenting, health and psychology along with educators, administrators, collegiate and professional athletes, and seasoned sport parents to provide fresh perspectives, research, and insight on all things sport.  

We’ve played on the field and we’ve stood on the sidelines. And we’ve experienced the frustration of athletic failure, the elation of winning, and everything in between. And while we know there is often far too much pressure to win, we also know sports can be a life-changing experience for so many kids and adults. 

We Want to Hear From You

And because step one of keeping sports healthy and powerful for kids and their families is having the conversation, we’ve created a digital experience to make it possible to communicate, share information and build a community of people with similar goals. We want your input — your personal experiences, your best wins – and losses – your challenges and your eureka moments and what they’ve all taught you.  We also love to hear about programs that are making a difference; in keeping sports on the right track, or getting more kids on the field, in the gym, pool, dance studio or anywhere active.  We learn best from each other so we hope you’ll join us in this effort to be sports-wise; and keep the power, the joy, the learning and love alive in sports.

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